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2 Creamy Pints of Plain

Lovely Day for a Guinness, Co. Kerry

No Parking Beyond This Pint, Dingle, Co. Kerry

Some Cats Have It, Co. Tipperary

Paws For a Pint, Co. Tipperary

Guinness For Strength, Co. Galway

Have a Guiness When You're Tired, Co. Galway

Great Irish Writers at Dowlings Pub, Co. Tipperary

Guinness for Strength, Co. Kerry

The black and the white don't mix, Clonakilty, ...

McCarthy's For Guinness, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

You cant mix the black and the white, Pub in ...

Jesse James Tavern, Asdee, Co. Kerry

Strike it Rich, Co. Tipperary

The Swanky Bar, Tarbert, Co. Kerry

The Valley House Bar, Achill, Co. Mayo

Guinness sign on the Swanky Bar, Tarbert, Co. ...


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