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A picture is worth a thousand words so I am going to use very few words. Let the pictures speak for themselves. When I write I see everything in pictures; the words then follow. In art I have been captured and inspired by Miro, de Kooning, Pollock, Calder, Picasso, Chagall, Rothko, Stella, Kandinsky, Matisse - abstract expressionism, modernism, and post-modernism.

Connemara, my home, is the western part of County Galway on Ireland's Atlantic coast. It is a beautiful, peaceful, magical place far from the hustle and bustle of modern city life. Here you will find wide open spaces (bogs), sparkling lakes (loughs), towering hills (the Twelve Bens and the Maamturks) and white sandy beaches. It is impossible to capture Connemara on film or on canvas. Yet I try from time to time. The photographs here are those that survived my critical eye. And yet they still fall short of capturing Connemara. You must visit yourself and see this land through your own eyes."

"You can get a book of my art and my photographs at" : Mullan (A Writer and his Art)

"I want my Art to be available to all. I donīt want it locked up in museums and galleries. I want to release it into the world. Get prints of my paintings and photographs here" : ... "And please drop in and visit me at"

Pat Mullan was born in Ireland and has lived in England, Canada and the USA. He spent two years with the US Army in Japan and Korea. His photograph of a Korean boy and his mother, The Threshhold of Change, taken in Seoul, won first prize in the Stars and Stripes Asian photography contest. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and the State University of New York where he studied creative writing. He lives in Connemara, in the west of Ireland.

His book of poetry and prose, CHILDHOOD HILLS and his novel, The CIRCLE of SODOM are both available on,,, Barnes& and other online stores. He is currently at work on a new novel, BLOOD RED SQUARE: Who Killed Hammarskjold?

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