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I have been travelling to Ireland and taking photographs of the country for more than 20 years. Ireland becomes a great muse if you let it. I consider my photographs to be rather personal stories which I hope that you will enjoy. I have been a photographer for the past 30 years and my works have been exhibited in the Cleveland Museum of Art and many other exhibitions. In January 2000,Tyndale House Publishers released a special Book/CD Giftset by Maire' Brennan of Clannad that contains 20 of my photographs and I am very proud and honored to have been included in such a first rate project. The book is called, "God of Peace".

Since I am an Irish American, a native Irish person may find my words and observations on Ireland a tad overly sentimental. In response, all that I can say is that the stories of my great grandparent's struggles affected me deeply. I am not alone, either. There are millions of us Irish descendents in the States and millions of us wonder what the Ireland of our ancestors was and is truly all about. In a small way, I hope that my pictures will help shed some light on the subject for those who share the same passions for their Irish Heritage. Many folks have told me that wherever they hang my pictures in their homes, it becomes the "Ireland Corner". I like that. Photographing Ireland will be a life long assignment for me. I love Ireland. It's a place where a true rogue can really ramble.

One Ireland. One Irish Nation. One Peace.
-Scott MacGregor, February 2001

We hope you enjoyed the photographs by Eyes on Ireland which we have on display at Irish Corner, but if you are itching for more or have a particular one that you would like for your own walls, please contact Scott at: [email protected]
or visit his website at:

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