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I think it is fair to say that had I been a wealthy man this venture of mine would never have happened. My love of lighthouses is deep rooted, the magic of the sweeping light. The light at the end of Fishguard Pier was the one I first saw, as we passed it so often in the Inishfallen in my early years. That, and Roches Point on the way into Cork. Coming from an inland town there was so much excitement in the sea, and lighthouses meant Sea!

From the very beginning I wanted to make sure these photographs would be done to the highest standard possible. I wanted them to carry technical details; I wanted the pictures to be spot on, they had to be first class. I wasn't thinking about making money when I started making the postcards; I was doing them because I wanted to.

I have just completed a book, An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses, in which I was able to amplify the information for the lighthouses I have covered. This guide book tells the reader how to see over 50 lighthouses on the Irish coastline, which routes to take, what to be careful of, and places to stay and visit near the lighthouses. With a Foreword by T.M. Boyd, Chief Executive of Irish Lights, the book gives historical and technical data about the lighthouses. Some of the pictures are from the Irish Lighthouse Series postcard collection but many others have never before been published.
--John Eagle

We hope you enjoy John's collection of lighthouses on our site, He has truly captured their character & majesty in each photo. If you would like to purchase any of his prints, or see more of his work, you may contact him at: [email protected] or order one directly from his website:

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